Building saving habits and tracking your finances can be tough, especially as the majority of us rely on digital payments. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can easily access your finances from the same portal you use to make your payments. Here are some of our favourite tech options for managing cash:


Monzo is a name that has become synonymous with mobile banking since its inception in 2015, and now over 28,000 people open a Monzo account every week. The app allows you to set a monthly budget, see where your money is being spent (Entertainment, Transport, Groceries, etc.) and access your finances, whether through your pre-existing account or through opening an account with Monzo.



Similar to Monzo, Loot allows you to keep track of your outgoings through different categories and gives you a useful overview of your spending. Loot focuses on long-term spending, so whether you’re thinking of taking a trip abroad or getting a tattoo, Loot will allow you to take the steps to reach those financial goals.


Cleo is a money-saving chatbot that operates as an add-on to Facebook Messenger and can answer questions, show you your savings and let you know whether you can afford that round at the pub. By taking a friendly and personable approach, the team behind Cleo have created a unique, secure way to assess your spending and to get instant advice if you feel like ordering takeout or buying some new trainers.

What are your favourite apps and methods to saving money? Let us know!

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