A huge part of changing your financial situation is positively altering your lifestyle. In order to make your money go further, you can make simple changes to your day-to-day spending. Here are some of our favourite lifestyle hacks:

Set your goals

A great way to focussing yourself to save is setting goals – whether it’s a big holiday, a special purchase or an anniversary gift, having something to save towards can be a powerful motivator. If you consider the long-term benefits of saving rather than more fleeting purchases, you’ll find yourself paying closer attention to your spending.

Cook at home

If you’re heading to university or work, it’s often very easy to pick up your lunch from the shops or get a coffee on the way. However, if you want to find a great way to save – and maybe improve your culinary skills! – set aside some time to prepare your food for the next day. These savings will make a huge change in the long run and, if you set some time aside, you’ll be able to make a lunch you’ll really look forward to. The same goes for coffee: if you invest in a cup you can bring with you and make a hot drink in the morning, you’ll find those small savings add up too.

Plan your social time

Socialising is a key part of everyone’s budget. There’s nothing wrong with setting aside some time and money for it, but sometimes these activities can be a mainstay in your weekly plans. We’re not saying you should ditch your friends altogether, but it’s worth considering cheaper entertainment options now and again.

Download an app

Lots of organisations have identified that everyone needs ways to track their spending, whether that’s through chatbots or goal-setting applications. You can read more about our preferred money-saving apps in this article.

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