The Money Smart Toolkit

Our set of tools and games for classrooms will enable you to get students to understand and consider issues around saving money, their spending, their habits and what they can do to build a better relationship with their finances.

Download full toolkit

Download our full Money Saving Toolkit here, containing games, advice, prompts, information and more. This toolkit will help you to effectively advise young people to be better with their money whilst helping them come to some helpful conclusions of their own.



Download individual sessions

We have broken down our Toolkit into individual sessions:

Session 1 Breaking barriers

This session looks at the barriers young people face when dealing with Financial Capability. There are three activities that help identify barriers and explore solutions to overcoming those barriers. Young people will be able to look at their own barriers and put themselves back in control to manage their money better.

Session 2 Spending power

This session looks at how young people like to spend their money, their attitudes and behaviours and explores the benefits of making better choices.

There are three activities that begin with the young people questioning whether their spending is a necessity or a luxury. They are tasked to calculate how much an activity costs and what they can purchase instead if savings were made. A spending diary is introduced to allow the young people to record where they spend their money and calculate how much.

Session 3 Successful savings

This session looks at the how young people can start changing spending habits where they identify and track savings relevant to them.

There are three activities that identify spending most relevant to young people. They explore alternative ways to be able to save money to show young people that by making small changes they can increase the amount of money they have left at the end of the week.

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