How tech can help you manage your cash

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Lifestyle hacks that will make you more financially capable

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The Money Smart Toolkit - Games, advice, prompts, information and more

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Welcome to your Money Smart Toolkit

Money Smart Toolkit exists to help you improve your habits around spending and saving. Designed and shaped through our chats with over 4oo people between the ages of 16-25, this toolkit has been informed by people just like you.

How do you manage your money? What would you like to change? This toolkit will help you in setting your own rules and methods to take better care of your funds.

There’s no quick fix to better cash control but we want to help you get some useful habits in place.



Tools & Games!

We’ve prepared some Tools and Games for you – we hope these will make money management feel a little less like a chore and give you some useful information and good habits.

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Smart Money Advice

After talking to over 400 people aged 16-25 about the issues that matter to them, we’ve gathered some advice that’s going to be useful to you.

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Real advice from real people

We consulted everyone from leading money experts to people who could be your mate to compile the best advice possible when it comes to money.

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